These articles exist between documentation for my personal projects, my lifelong passion for learning, and my experience teaching and communicating ideas.

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I built myself a bespoke blog as a place to store my documentation and share my projects. The blog lives in a Docker container on an AWS EC2 instance behind an Application Load Balancer with forced TLS connections.

Badge for the Solutions Architect Associate certification SAA-C03

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification requires understanding how the different AWS services solve various architectural problems. While studying for the exam, I took notes on various solutions which are loosely organized into the four tested pillars of the well-architected framework.

Architecture diagram for my backup strategy

My family's data is priceless, especially our photos. In order to protect our data, I organized a proper 3-2-1 backup strategy for all of the devices in our home to keep our photos safe and files accessible on our home network.

Uptime Kuma is a free and open source network monitoring utility. It works by sending health checks over different protocols and can send notifications to different endpoints when services become unavailable.

Docker containers can be managed through Portainer

Docker is a powerful virualization tool that allows us to deploy containerized applications. Application dependencies are part of the container rather than the host operating system, making containerized applications easily reproducible and independent from one another.

The underside of the laptop with the cover removed

Every homelab starts somewhere and mine started on an old laptop. Read about how I made a few upgrades and dipped my toes into homelab and self-hosting by saving a broken laptop from becoming e-waste.

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Development Roadmap

Our Civic Voice

I'm currently in the process of building out an API to conenct Canadians with their local representatives.

Our Civic Voice will remove the confusion between who to contact about different civil issues, giving each Canadian a means to connect with the appropriate representative for different issues.

This Website

This website was written as a Next.js web application and is being deployed as a docker container running on an EC2 instance.

I'm currently working on a complete CI/CD pipeline to push changes to the production environment.


Expanding the capabilities of my homelab is always underway.

I'm currently in the process of moving most of my services to a new Proxmox host under dedicated VMs. I hope to learn more about LXC containers, using Ansible to deploy/maintain services, and create a Networking/Admin VM.

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