Hi, I'm Justin

This is where I share my passion for learning.

I write articles about homelab, self-hosting, the cloud, full stack web development, and DevOps.

Featured Projects

I built myself a bespoke blog as a place to store my documentation and share my projects. The blog lives in a Docker container on an AWS EC2 instance behind an Application Load Balancer with forced TLS connections.

The Dockerized deployment allows for easy updates to production and places the Next.js application behind an Nginx proxy.

Architecture diagram for my backup strategy

My family's data is priceless, especially our photos. In order to protect our data, I organized a proper 3-2-1 backup strategy for all of the devices in our home to keep our photos safe and files accessible on our home network.

Continue reading to learn how I automated the backup and storage of all photos and files using Nextcloud for photo management and Syncthing for backing up to different mediums.